Newcastle Golf Centre Dublin

Newcastle Golf Centre Dublin


The Health Benefits of Golf

The Health Benefits of Golf

Its official, golf is good for you! There are so many benefits of playing golf:

  • Exposure to outdoor environment
  • Heart health, keeping heart rate up
  • Brain stimulation, increased blood flow
  • Weight loss from burning calories
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved sleep
  • Low risk of injury
  • Live longer
  • Social sport

Simply put, golfers live longer, have better overall physical health, and gain wellness/ mental health benefits. These associations are likely due to the golden combination of walking, muscular activity, and social interaction (amongst other factors). So whether you’re young or old; a scratch golfer or have never picked up a club before, there are now even more reasons to head to your nearest course!

  • Physical benefits include: improved cardiovascular risk-factor profiles; improved blood-glucose levels; and increased life expectancy
  • Psychological benefits include: improved self-esteem, improved confidence, and reduced anxiety
  • Golf also provides a great opportunity for developing interpersonal skills, emotional control, and enhancing social connections


Check out this website for more information on the Health Benefits of Golf

“The Golf & Health Project will help drive an increased participation in golf, improve the public image of our sport, and increase support for golf in the political arena.

It will achieve this by analysing the benefits of golf for health to include improvements in life expectancy, physical and mental health. It will also assess and advise on ilness and injury associated with golf.  Once this information has been gathered, it becomes centrally available through this website, whilst also being communicated and disseminated to golfers, potential golfers, and decision makers to increase awareness of golf’s positive influence on health and well-being.

Part of the project aim is to provide information about the benefits of golf, and how this can be achieved for people of both genders, all ages, and all backgrounds.

By aggregating and reviewing existing research into the health benefits of golf, a clear picture is being established of what benefits there are and what others there might be.  Identifying the gaps in research then provides an opportunity to conduct new, innovative, and peer-reviewed research to academically assess benefits.

We aim to share findings widely, but also publish key articles in leading scientific journals, for example the British Journal of Sports Medicine- the number 1 ranked Sports Science and Sports Medicine publication worldwide.”

The Project is sponsored by the World Golf Foundation – For More Information visit

Christmas 2017 Gift Ideas

Christmas 2017 Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming! Looking for perfect Christmas 2017 gift ideas for that special someone?

Its that time of year again and at Newcastle Golf Centre we have a range of Christmas 2017 gift ideas. Choose some of the following, for all ages, for the golfer and non golfer in your life. Whether they like golf, football, darts, clay shooting or a combination of sports, at Newcastle Golf Centre you can pick up a gift that they will appreciate forever.

Gift Ideas Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017

For the Golfer, catering for all levels from beginner to experienced:

  • Par 3 Golf and Golf Driving Range Gift Vouchers Available
  • Golf Gift Set – 5 balls, 20 tees, Pitch mark repair tool, ball marker and a pencil – €12.00
  • 3 x GolfSmith Grips including fitting – €20.00
  • 1 x Golf Lesson Voucher – €30.00 (Lesson given by qualified golf coach)
  • 1 x Golf Lesson Voucher + Golf Gift Set – €40.00 (Lesson given by qualified golf coach)
  • 4 x Golf Lessons Voucher – €99.00 (Lessons given by qualified golf coach)

Other Activities available at Newcastle Golf Centre:

Contact us today to enquire or to reserve your gift at:

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Newcastle Golf and Activity Centre Dublin

The Only Place in the World to Find All these Activities and Services in One Location

– Par 3 Golf – Golf Driving Range – Golf Lessons – Golf Club Regripping and Repairs

 – FootGolf – Rugby Golf – FootDarts –

– FootBowl – Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting – Target DiscGolf –

Newcastle Golf Centre Dublin wishes each and everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

FootSports at Newcastle Golf Centre

FootSports at Newcastle Golf Centre Dublin offer unique sports activities for all ages.

No matter what the occasion is,  Newcastle Golf Centre has activities to suit you. We now offer you a range of FootSports. FootSports are hybrids of two or more sports. A football, rugby ball or American football is used depending which game you are playing. They are fun, competitive and can be enjoyed by players of all ages and abilities.

FootGolf combines football and golf and is played over 18 holes on a golf course. The aim of the game is to kick the football from the teeing area and into the hole in the fewest number of kicks. Its time to Kick and Putt!


RugbyGolf is similar to FootGolf except a rugby ball is used. RugbyGolf is also played on the golf course over 18 holes. You can throw or kick the ball. This provides the added challenge of not knowing where the ball will bounce when it lands!

FootDarts is our newest activity. Players score points by kicking or throwing a football at the giant inflatable dartboard. Definitely not as easy as it looks!


FootBowl brings together soccer, american football and bowling. Knock down your opponents pins before they knock down yours. You can kick or throw the ball. Can be played by players of all ages and all abilities. Strike!

We cater for families, groups, stags, hens, sports teams, corporate days and more. You can play one or more activities. We can also provide a room if required for a birthday party, group outing or some other event.

There is no booking required for FootGolf and RugbyGolf, however we do recommend pre-booking for FootDarts and FootBowl.

Get Your Kicks at Newcastle Golf Centre Dublin!

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Winter Golf at Newcastle Golf Centre

Keep your game in shape over the next few months with Winter Golf at Newcastle Golf Centre.

The driving range is the perfect opportunity to sharpen your winter golf skills and ensure your game is ready for the 2018 season. Indoor and outdoor bays means you can practice in all weather conditions. The floodlit range allows for practice even when it gets dark. The short game practice area always you to work on putting, chipping and bunker shots to give you a full practice session.

Floodlit Driving Range

Golf lessons are available by qualified golf coaches. They will cover all aspects from driving to putting to course management and more. Beginners to more experienced golfers can be catered for. A full golf club regripping and repair service is also available.

Why not take it to the course. The 18 hole par 3 golf course is always maintained to a high standard by our skilled greenkeeper. You can practice what you have learned on the  range. Then experience real conditions on the course. Bunkers, trees and other obstacles add to the challenge. Distances up to 185 metres you will improve your golf over the winter months.

Newcastle Golf Center Dublin Par 3 Golf Course

Par 3 Golf Course

There is no booking required. All ages are welcome. All skill levels are welcome from beginner to experienced golfer so just come along and enjoy the facilities at Newcastle Golf Centre Dublin. Gift vouchers are also available for all activities.

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FootDarts at Newcastle Golf Centre Dublin

FootDarts now available at Newcastle Golf Centre Dublin.

FootDarts has arrived at Newcastle Golf Centre Dublin, combining football and darts in a fun and easy! activity for all no matter what your skill or fitness level. Test your accuracy with FootDarts.

Football Darts at Newcastle Golf Centre.

FootDarts is a game of accuracy and players score points by kicking the football, instead of throwing darts,  at a giant inflatable dartboard. Or you can take aim at the bullseye to prove who has the best shot. Whether you like football or darts or neither, this game will have you hooked as you try to kick (or throw!) the ball straight at the dartboard. You’ ll need to be a mix of Messi and Phil Taylor to hit the bullseye evrytime!

In FootDarts (also known as Football Darts, Soccer Darts and Kick Darts) players divide into teams and take turns to try to accurately land the ball on the board. You can play by the rules of darts and starting at 501 aim to score points with the first team to reach 0 declared the winner. It looks and sounds easy but who will land on the board when the pressure is on! Will you hit the bullseye! Book your game today.

Booking is required:

Tel: 01 6210201

FootDarts at Newcastle Golf Centre

FootDarts in Dublin

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At Newcastle Golf Centre we have a range of activities to cater for all ages which means you can play one or more sports in one location. We cater for individuals, groups, birthday parties, stag and hen parties, team building days and more.

If you are planning an event, family fun day, wedding, team building day etc then we can bring FootDarts to you. We will deliver and set up the system at your location for guaranteed entertainment for everyone on the day. Contact us for more details on FootDarts.

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June Bank Holiday 2017 at Newcastle Golf Centre

The June Bank Holiday is almost here and at Newcastle Golf Centre we have some brilliant activities to keep people of all ages entertained.

Looking for a great outdoor activity this June Bank Holiday. FootBowl and Target DiscGolf have become two of the most popular activities you can play at Newcastle Golf Centre. Target DiscGolf FootBowl

FootBowl provides a unique challenge whereby players throw or kick soccer balls or American footballs to knock down their opponents bowling pins. Sounds simple but with only 20 seconds to take your turn the pressure is on!

Target DiscGolf is our most recent addition and has proved a hit with all participants. The aim of the game is to throw the flying disc (frisbee) into the target baskets. The decision is whether to throw to the nearest basket to guarantee points or attempt the longer, more difficult distance for maximum points.

Play these two hybrid sports for only €10 per person this June Bank Holiday Weekend.

Booking is Required

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RugbyGolf at Newcastle Golf Centre

RugbyGolf at Newcastle Golf Centre

Have you ever imagined kicking a rugby ball on a golf course?

In 2015 we introduced RugbyGolf (or rugby FootGolf  as it is also known)at Ballybane to celebrate Ireland’s World Cup exploits. Since then it has been available at Ballybane FootGolf.

Rugby FootGolf
Played with the same rules as FootGolf the only difference is the shape of the ball. And herein lies the challenge! With FootGolf the ball generally rolls in one direction. In RugbyGolf, once kicked, the destination of the ball is not so certain!

If kicking the ball is not your strong point, no problem, you can throw the ball also, similar to a pass in rugby. It’s all about getting the ball from the teeing area and into the hole in the fewest kicks or throws.

A brilliant, fun activity for families, groups, stags, hens, team building, sports clubs and more RugbyGolf puts a new twist on the worlds fastest growing sport.

Book your game today at Newcastle Golf Centre

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Gift Ideas – Golf and Other Activities

Gift ideas for Christmas 2016.

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Gift Vouchers – Golf and Other Activities

Gift vouchers at Newcastle Golf Centre. Its that time of year again when Santa puts his golf clubs away for a day to make his worldwide journey! If you’re looking for a stocking filler, gift vouchers from Newcastle Golf Centre are the perfect present.

The perfect gift for the golfer in you’re life, our Gift Voucher can be used for a range of activities at Newcastle Golf Centre Dublin.


Golf activities – Par 3 golf, Golf Driving Range, FootGolf, Golf Lessons

Other activities – Laser Clay Shooting, FootBowl, Target Disc Golf
To order a voucher

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Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas from Newcastle Golf Centre Dublin.

The Home of Hybrid Sports

Hybrid sports combine some of the worlds greatest sports and Newcastle Golf Centre offers visitors a chance to play FootGolf, FootBowl and Target DiscGolf.

Hybrid sports

Hybrid sports

You won’t find theses hybrid sports in one location anywhere else in the world and they truly offer a fun day out for those looking for a unique challenge.

Hybrid sports combine two or more popular sports:

  • FootGolf – Soccer and golf
  • FootBowl – Soccer, American Football and bowling
  • Target DiscGolf – Frisbee throwing and golf

Each sport presents it’s own challenges and the great thing about them is that no matter what you’re skill level is, you will enjoy playing these sports.


If you play any of these sports competitively you will also find they are a great way to improve your skills while playing for fun.

We have a limited offer available to play all 3 sports for only €25 per person. Booking is required for this package.

Gift vouchers are available.

Book your package today:

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