Newcastle Golf Centre Dublin

Newcastle Golf Centre Dublin

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Golf Lessons Kildare

Benefits of Golf Lessons

At Newcastle Golf Centre Dublin we have golf lessons in Dublin available from Qualified Golf Teachers. Whether you are a beginner, improver or professional our dedicated teachers / golf coach will be able to help you to become the best golfer you can be.


Golf lessons can cover areas including

  • Long Game on our 300 metre driving range with a variety of targets
  • Short Game chipping and pitching on our two short game practice areas
  • Putting on our dedicated putting green
  • Bunker play with 3 practice bunkers available
  • Take it to the course, bring the practice to the par 3 course, pre shot routines, mental approach and more

Golf instructors can help you with many things from your technique to your confidence on the course. Some benefits of golf lessons:


Qualified instructors teach either the Vardon (overlapping) grip, the interlocking grip or the baseball grip, and knowing the advantages of these and tailoring your grip to your athletic abilities can prove a great advantage to your game. A student’s hand size also means that certain grips are better suited but figuring this out for yourself can be puzzling, especially when there are so many other things to think about. An instructor will explain why you should use a specific grip and this alone can improve the power of your swing and in turn the distance and path of the ball.


It is very difficult to correct your own posture and golfers often don’t realise when they are making mistakes and that it could affect their game. Standing in the correct position and maintaining it throughout the swing can make a big difference to your game and also avoid injury. Gaining the perspective of a professional, you will get tips on keeping your posture and probably save yourself a lot of back ache in the future.


Repeating bad swings over and over again will rarely improve a golfer’s handicap. While practicing on a driving range may build your swing into a stronger one with further distance, aligning the golf club and ball can make all the difference. Professional coaches can use a variety of techniques to help you and help you to understand the technical side of golf: it is difficult to improve your game without fully understanding which elements affect the outcome.


Lessons can range from golf club fittings to simulators and visualisation techniques. A good instructor will find the methods which suit you best and use them to describe what you’re trying to do and adapt it to multiple standard shots so that you learn to hit sand-shots, approaches and chipping as well as fairway shots and driving.


The most important advantage of taking golf lessons is the feedback that you’ll benefit from. Golfing with a friend or work colleague will rarely lead to them giving you tips or telling you where you’re going wrong, not to mention that most players will just avoid practicing shots that they aren’t very good at to avoid embarrassment or to avoid holding everyone up. Instructors on the other hand will work on your flaws and make sure you understand where you are going wrong before giving you tips on how to improve.

More tips available at

A large number of professional golfers including Rory McIlroy and Jordan Speith have a golf coach who has guided them through Major Championships. You can do this too!

For Golf lessons in Dublin contact:

Tel: 01 6210201


Golf Instruction at Newcastle Golf Centre

Golf Instruction at Newcastle Golf Centre

How to cure a slice? How to stop hooking? Topped or fat shots? How to hit a fade or a draw? How to make more putts?

Take your golf game to the next level. Whether picking up a club for the first time or if you are looking for a single figure handicap, a golf lesson at Newcastle Golf Centre Dublin will develop a lesson programme to suit your needs and help with your golfing goals.

Golf Instruction

Golf Instruction


Golf instruction is available from Qualified Golf Teachers, with a number of years golf instruction experience. If you are slicing, hooking or having any issue with your golf swing or just want advice our experienced coaches can guide you with excellent tuition.

The range of facilities at Newcastle Golf Centre mean that we can cover all aspects of the game. From driving and irons on the driving range, putting, chipping and bunker play on the short game practice area and bringing it all together on the par 3 golf course. Golf club Regripping and repairs are also available on site to ensure the clubs are suited to the individual golfers needs.

Located only minutes from Newcastle, Celbridge, Lucan, Clondalkin, Tallaght, Rathcoole, Leixlip and only a short drive from the N7, N4 and M50 motorways, Newcastle Golf Centre is an ideal location for golf lessons in Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow and more.

To book a golf lesson or for enquiries

Tel: 016210201

Mob: 0868299585


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